Software Language Generation Guide


This is a placeholder for documentation this project owes you, the user, for how to integrate nnvg with build systems and how to tune and optimize source code generation for each supported language.

C++ (experimental)

See Template Language Guide until this section is more complete.

Using a Different Variable-Length Array Type

For now this tip is important for people using the experimental C++ support. To use std::vector instead of the minimal build-in variable_length_array type create a properties override yaml file and pass it to nnvg.


    variable_array_type_include: <vector>
    variable_array_type_template: std::vector<{TYPE}>

nnvg command

nnvg --configuration=vector.yaml \
     -l cpp \
    --experimental-languages \
    -I path/to/public_regulated_data_types/uavcan \